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Monday, July 31, 2006

The One Prayer that Doesnt Matter

Break my Heart for the Lost. Those are six words that don’t seem like much. When my pastor asked us to start praying in that way I immediately signed my life right up. There was no problem with an occasional prayer for the “poor souls that didn’t know Christ.”
What I, and the others in my congregation didn’t realize was that praying those six words broke our heart and broke it well. You walked out on the street, saw a non-believer and just about broke down in tears at the thought that they might not know Christ.
We pride ourselves then of thinking that we have this love for the lost and that we are special. We do have that in the sense that God has called us to pray for them and to minister to them. But dare we consider that we have the love that no one else has? Dare we think that our love is unique and the best that the “man next door” will ever experience?
That is where we all are wrong. Although that truly is a love and a joy, God has it much, much more. When we give time, He gave His Son to die on the cross. Do we even have the guts to try and compare? I don’t think so. This broken heart that you feel is from God, He created it for you, so don’t you think His love is even stronger?
So why pray these six words? If God is so powerful and has such a strong love wouldn’t He be able to fix the problem of “the lost” all by Himself? Yes, He would. But He longs to use us as Believers in His work. For a reason no theologian can understand, He wants and longs to use us.
Break my heart for the lost. When you pray that prayer, and really mean it, it will hurt so much, but the joy of seeing someone come to believe in Jesus will be even stronger.
Shape my eyes for the lost. There are many people that can “hide” from us because we’re human. The person we pass on the street can sound and look just like a Believer. Only Jesus can give us the eyes for the lost who need our friendship and testimony.
Until God comes back there will be someone. Someone wallowing in trying to find their place in beer. Trying to make sense of life through lots of money. Or it could simply just be someone that doesn’t know. We as Christians should never let go of our mission through life. How could we ever be so selfish as to not pray that God will lovingly… Break our hearts for the lost.


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