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Saturday, May 24, 2008

Scale the Heights, find the Master

Hey Guys,'

Whoever is still out there.... HI! Sorry I've sort of resorted to keeping all this going through email, so I have, in some ways, kind of forgotten about this space. I could give you a great excuse, but that's all it'd be, an excuse. Most of my days the past several months have been insane with school work and having a very filled - yet routine- life. Any of you that have actually seen my life know I hate it when my life turns into a routine. At the same time, when you're living on a college campus with about 40 students and its impossible for you to leave, there's very rarely a "routine" day. But even that can turn into a routine.
This past year at Alaska Christian College (ACC) smacked me around... a lot. Theology always throws me for a spin, because I don't really have the gift of faith. I would only have that gift if faith meant "analyze and explain everything until it all makes sense and there's no need for an imagination... because you always get the answer." You guys have seen and heard me argue (or, if you wanna get professional I believe the correct term in theology is "discuss") almost everythng humanly possible to explain questions. I think the craziest thing I learned this year is thats not always necessary. I went to college to get the Book knowledge in theology, and walked away learning alot, like.. God can argue his own case... and I'll never understand anything in theology until I accept who I am in Christ. How's that for a year in a discipleship program?

On the "normal" side of my life (no comments from the peanut gallery) nothing is new as of 3 weeks ago. I graduated from ACC (1 year program) and 4 days before that graduation, got my GED. Talk about backwards, but at times I wonder if I do anything the logical way. Now, I'm doing what every one seems to do around this time of the year... hunting like crazy for a job, and praying that I won't have to stay in the same spot of this gorgeous land forever. I absolutely love Alaska, but I'm getting a little antsy to get somewhere where no one knows me. Yeah, like I said, typical attitude of an 18 year old that hasnt shut-up or sat still since she was born.

Habakkuk 3:19 The Sovereign LORD is my strength; he makes my feet like the feet of a deer, he enables me to go on the heights.

Ever hiked a steep mountain? It isn’t easy, there are so many times that you lose your footing. Falling is a little frightening as it is, but when you are 20,000 feet or more up in the air… just the thought of falling is enough to make you wonder why you even signed up for this adventure.
But when you make it, when the mountain is summitted, you understand that being crazy has its advantages. The eagles that fly over have the majestic flair that you’ve always heard about. The mountain doesn’t look like your worst enemy; but you really do see it as the amazing creation that God has made. This, my friend, is why you came, to be crazy, but to find that even as you gritted your teeth in pain, the end would be glorious. Let me tell you though that you won’t understand any of this until you’ve done it. You won’t understand the sense of astonishing peace that comes with knowing you made it. You’re safe and now you can enjoy the beauty. My favorite part though, is there is no way you can look at the mountain, the rivers, the whole creation that was set before you, and not see God.
So God is promising to make us surefooted as a deer. Sounds weird when we first hear about it, but think of the mountains we have to climb on a daily basis. Although if we slip and fall on these mountains it won’t actually kill us, but it can still do it’s damage.
To be surefooted, to take on the heights of our problems is a promise, but we have to take the last step. God is giving us the ability and the promise that He is our strength, but we have to climb. Climbing means knowing what we’re doing. Knowing the other promises that God has given us, and fully relying on those.
Rely on the promise of “I will never leave you nor forsake you.”
“I love you with an everlasting love.”
“I am faithful and just to forgive your sins and cleanse you from all wrong.”
These are only a few of the millions of promises that God has given.

Nobody likes to fall, especially spiritually. Yet we have a promise that God will bring us up the heights of life and make us victorious. This promise is yours. Use it as much as you need to, but the biggest thing we all need to do, is know who gave us these promises. These promises mean nothing if we don’t know the promise-giver. Take courage in the fact that you are being made as surefooted as a deer. You can conquer any height because the Father knows what you need.

See ya guys later, I'm still praying



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YAY!! You're back!! Been mountain climbing a bit, have you? ;) Love ya Cass!

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