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Saturday, January 15, 2011

Still here... totally blessed

So, I was randomly reminded about this blog a couple days ago, and I'm a tad bit surprised that it's been this long (almost 3 years??) since I've written. In that time God has done what only God does well: taught me that no matter how many times I have to start my own trail, fall down, or make a fool out of my testimony; He is always there to hold me close, dust me off and find the gold among the mud. Oh blessed Hope and Glorious Grace. My Jesus is king of ALL!

Over the years I've somewhat hidden my ability to write, and God has been proving over and over again that it's not my gift of writing at all. Its His gift manafested in me. I only say this because anymore, unless there's something that God totally constructs in my heart and mind, my writing, even the lessons I've written over the years make no sense.
So, with that said, these two poems are some of the more recent things I've written, the entire time my head spinning trying to understand why they have to come from my hand. But, regardless, I pray these 2 speak Truth to your hearts and spur you on to live past the comfortable.

A Moment With Job

With one word my pride was shattered
With one word my confidence was gone
If only the knowledge I had really mattered
If only my words brought the dawn

Lord, I thought I could stand and fight you

But as you came, I heard your footsteps thunder
What the wise have always claimed stands true

One glimpse of you brings speechless wonder

You confidently showed me the gates of Hell
'Can you command them open, or push them shut?
Show me, oh wise one, teach me well!
With one question, I felt the blow to my gut

Who am I to give evil warning?

Who am I to claim I know all?
I challenged the Painter of the morning
How dare I try to make Yahweh small?

As I picked up my sword, did I even see your hand
Skills I have, but in front of you, they disappear
YOUR hand crumbled the strongest lands

With your strength, you shattered satan's spear

Lord, I shut my mouth, I fight back tears
The strength I've seen proves your grace
Forgive me for doubting you through the years
Thank you for putting me in my place!!


'Mercy for me! Justice for them!' we cry
Quietly the condemned stand to die

We whisper, 'our lives will never be as bad as theirs
They'll be blotted out. Praise God! Who cares?

We giggle with Glee as the stones start to soar

We laugh as we see the blood and the gore
Our lives will never be as bad as theirs
They'll be blotted out. Praise God! Who cares?

Let you think we believe we're all right
Remember, they sinned during the day, we at night
So therefore, their sin was playing the fool
Slyness and tact are a sinner's perfect tool

Atleast we only threw one or two stones
The heart still beats, we left broken bones
tough love is our motto, please, don't you see

As long as you keep judgement away from me

When God calls us out, He leaves nothing behind
No one can say, 'He cannot hear, and yes, He is blind'
What stones you throw will always be thrown back

On Judgement Day, Christ shows the perfection you lack


Blogger Steve Finnell said...

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4:28 AM  
Blogger mama said...

I love what you said about writing being God's gift. I've also noticed that, sometimes the words just come out in the right order and I can take no credit for it!

9:13 AM  
Anonymous Mark said...

Great to see you still writing here - it has been a while. Glad to hear of God's goodness and grace to you.


2:55 AM  

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