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Saturday, September 23, 2006

Unfair God

Hey Guys,
Life is good. I've actually had a pty relaxing weekend, so thats a huge blessing. I've started another prayer group so thats been an experience and a half. We'll just see where God leads that!

Psalms 55:2 Cast your cares on the LORD and he will sustain youI just found out something that tears at my heart.

Its something I dont want to happen, its something that although I believe and trust God will sustain me- get me through it- Its a hard thing for me to comprehend just casting this care, all my cares, at the throne of Christ and leaving them there.How can we trust an invisible Being? How can we know that closing our eyes and praying about it means that God hears our cries and He's there... He told us He'd be there no matter where we were.

Psalms 139:5 "You (God) both precede and follow me...."

Not once did Noah (built the Ark) actually see the face of God here on Earth, and yet he managed to follow an INVISIBLE God's instructions and save 2 of every unclean animal and 7 of the clean animals and his family. (Genesis starting in chapter 6)Prayers might not seem answered, it might seem like "closing our eyes and folding our hands" only goes as high as the roof and drops, but God says in Proverbs 15:29,

"He (God) hears the prayers of the righteous

To Cast my cares at the feet of Christ most likely wont happen the first time and then its all over with. I found out the possibility of some pretty harsh news 3 weeks ago and its been on the forefront of my mind every day and I keep on coming back, sometimes moment by moment crying out to God to take this care that can become such a burden. I want to scream out to God that He cant do this without me, that he cant manage this without me first putting my ideas in along with Him, but thats just denying God His right to be in control of everything in my life. Seems unfair at first, but God has a better plan and my life makes more sense when HE gives the answers.Dont worry about anything, pray about everything... and start realizing that God is better at His job that you are.
See ya around, know that you are on my mind and in my prayers


Blogger Helen said...

Hi Cass,

Certainly thought provoking, I hope you are ok and I will pray for you that God will indeed sustain you with whatever's happening at the moment, you have a heart for the things of God I pray He will be your 'everything' always,

Love and prayers,

Helen x.

2:27 AM  

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