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I've been in Alaska what seems like all my life. Have sorrows and heart breaks like everyone else, but have learned ever so well that God never lets us go through something that He won't use in the future. I'm a crazy, loud and blunt Child of God, and desire more than anything to know that every day, I wake up and bring a smile to my Master's face. there's really, not much more about me than that (that matters, that is)

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Rabbi's Dust

Hi Friends,

I seem to be starting every entry with the lame line of "I haven't fallen off the face of the Earth. But I don't think anyone will believe me if I say that. Things here have been bizaar, and except to send out a few short sentence emails every day, I'm rarely on the computer. Huge difference between the kid a couple years ago and the student now. It used to be that my ministry through the net was all I was about, now.... you never see me on the computer!

School is a blast, pretty stressful right now wrapping things up for the semester, but we're all looking so forward to the break that we barely care anymore!!

This poem has been on my mind and heart for months now and I just got it down on paper a few weeks ago. The saying "May you walk in the dust of your Rabbi" was a blessing said among ancient Jews. What they meant by that is they were saying "may you walk SO closely to what you were taught as true, that you are COVERED in it!" The thing is, we have the Rabbi above all Rabbi's. And He is the only one that is Truth. So I have changed that saying to say "May you walk in the dust of THE Rabbi." May people know that you are a follower of Jesus, the Rabbi, and Jesus the Savior... and may they have no doubt of that fact. I am praying that for you.

May you walk in the dust of the Rabbi May the things he says be the supply
Of every breathe you take
Of every minute you’re awake

May the dust of the Rabbi guide your heart
May His teachings truly be a part
Of your life, your journey, and your song
May you understand the difference between right and wrong

May the dust of the Rabbi be all you’re about
May the Truth He shares keep you on the Route
The route to his kingdom, the route to his arms
May this Dust keep you from all satan’s harms

May the very essence of his presence be all you need
May His example guide you in your deed
May you give God the praise
When life gets hard and you don’t understand His ways

Give him the praise because He has given you his dust
To show you what you could do, or what you must
Give him the praise for giving you this gift
For giving you something to follow while walking this rift

Hallelujah Lord for you Grace
Hallelujah Abba for being in this place
If there’s anything I could do I must…
Praise you Lord for your Dust!


See ya Later!!